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Sanity, and the fact that it is 2019 and we need to improve cost efficiency, not purposely increase health care costs.
Stop using the 1950s technology of EDI. Do you really not understand the ripple effect that tapping EDI has?

1. many electronic transactions can be accomplished by 3 lines of data, in a key value pair. instead, we have to conform to a 300 line specification.

2. there are standards that have been introduced in the 21st century. we can use those.

3. do you understand that you have given WPC a government-granted monopoly? do you know how much they abuse this monopoly, by charging orders of magnitude more than they should just to see the specification? do you understand that otherwise innovative upstart companies could enter the arena and provide great cost saving services but the cost of EDI is so absurdly and unnecessarily high that it creates an insurmountable barrier?

The only way I wrap my head around this is that you are all well aware, but just don't care. we all act like we try to innovate for health care, but we really don't try. you could see major improvements with one of 2 implementations:

1. inform the public how embarrassingly archaic electronic transactions are, they will then demand changing the standard to 21st century standards. that is, Stop using EDI

2. if you must use EDI, make the EDI spec publicly available.

then watch what happens
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