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Professional Claim (HCFA 1500)
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From the response to ASC X12 RFI #1772, "SV2 # of service lines" ...

"Guide 005010X221 (Health Care Claim Payment/Advice) section (Claim Splitting) describes how a health plan may split an incoming claim into multiple claims. This process allows a health plan to receive a single claim with, for example - 50 service lines, and split that into multiple claims, for example 2 claims of 22 service lines and 1 claim of 6 service lines.  So, if the payer can only adjudicate a subset of the 999 service lines (22 as indicated by the RFI submitter) a compliant approach is available."

The explanation above does not seem to exist in any of the version 005010 Health Care Claim TR3s:  005010X222, 005010X223, and 005010X224.  It would be very useful if a generalized version of the above language was directly included into future versions of the Health Care Claim TR3s.
As applicable / appropriate in front matter similar to version 005010X222
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Approve. ASC X12 has already addressed claim and line splits as applied to COB claims in the next version of the Health Care Claims Guides.
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