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Business Reason
I am requesting that an XML standard be created for the ASC X12 healthcare-payer related transactions (270/271, 276/277, 278, 820, 834, 835, 837).

As we develop real-time services to support the HCR-mandated transactions (270/271, 276/277, etc.) we are converting the incoming ASC X12 EDI transaction to an XML format.  However, we have no guarantee that our XML format is standard (or will be standardized).  So at some future date when XML is adopted as a standard for the real-time exchange of healthcare information, significant retooling may be required.  We'd like to have an XML standard specified that we can start writing to - in order to decrease our long-term costs.

Also, as we develop new interactions with various clearinghouses and trading partners, it would be advantageous if we could exchange ASC X12 in XML format rather than the older and more problematic ASC X12 EDI delimited format.
Create a standard XML format or select an existing one to standardize on.  Several organizations, including ASC, TIBCO, etc. have "standard" XML formats for the ASC X12 transactions.
DSMO Category
Approve. ASC X12 offers a collection of XML schemas supporting the content mandated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The schemas are mechanically generated from the same database as the HIPAA mandated ASC X12 Technical Reports. This schema production approach ensures that every structure and all data elements can be represented in an XML document and validated with the schemas.  ASC X12 TR3 schemas are W3C-compliant XML Schema Definition (XSD) files. These schemas ease content integration into and out of back-end systems while promoting standardized XML for HIPAA mandated transactions.

ASC X12 has received many questions from entities attempting to implement a proprietary XML representation of an ASC X12 TR3. This DSMO request is representative of many comments ASC X12 has received from organizations which recognize that the industry would be better served by replacing these proprietary initiatives with standardized XML schemas from the recognized authority.
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