Change Request Detail
Type of Request
Pertaining to more than one, or not sure
DSMO Process Completed
Business Reason
February 4, 2011 deadline to submit revision requests related to the ASC X12 005010 Type 3 Technical Reports (TR3), to be considered for inclusion in 006020.

Consistency Needed Across Transactions.
One of the challenges that entities continue to encounter is that the values allowed across transactions, particularly the eligibility,  claims and remittance, are not the same.  For example, we recently have been working with a REF in the 271 that allows additional subscriber/patient identification which we want to use for the PMAP program code (medicaid program ID).  The 271 allows the qualifier M7 which is a perfect fit.  However, when we try to extend that to the 835, that same qualifier is not one of the allowed options.

It seems that if any business group presented a valid argument to have a particular qualifier in one of the transactions, it should be allowed across all so that the entire business process need can be met. 
DSMO Category
Approve. The DSMO supports ASC X12's consistency across the transactions when the business use supports that consistency approach.
Appeal Recommendation