Change Request Detail
Type of Request
Pertaining to more than one, or not sure
DSMO Process Completed
Business Reason
It would be more efficient if each code source listing in the Code Sources Appendix of each Implementation Guide / Type 3 Technical Report always included an Internet Universal Resource Locater (url), plus any needed navigation instructions, for implementers to electronically obtain the referenced data.
Add an Internet url, plus any needed navigation instructions, to obtain the referenced data to each code source description in each IG/TR3 Code Sources Appendix.
DSMO Category
Disapprove. The information shown for Code Sources originates from the X12 Standard release, not from the TR3 development process.  X12 does store and display the URL, if one is included in the release.  A Data Maintenance Request would be required that includes an explicit change for every code source.   X12 will not undertake a mass Data Maintenance effort to update every code source in the latest release at this time but will encourage the inclusion of a URL for any code source DM submitted in the future.
Appeal Recommendation